Diabetes 5K and Health Fair

April 8th, 2017



We are student pharmacists from the University of Utah. We are dedicated future health care professionals and are determined to make a difference in our community. This past summer a research team of 15 graduate and undergraduate students throughout the country piloted a diabetes research program and health fair in Armenia. The focus of this outreach effort was to assess the knowledge of Type 2 Diabetes, while educating health care providers and the general population about the condition. The success of this pilot program inspired students and faculty on both campuses to continue their efforts to both educate and assist those with Type 2 Diabetes within our own community. We have modified and improved our program and aim to provide a quality public service by hosting a 5K run and free health fair for the Salt Lake community.




We have designed this 5K and health fair in an attempt to educate members of our own community on Type 2 Diabetes. We are striving to help our community implement healthy lifestyle changes to better manage and prevent this disease. This year we are excited to announce that as we focus our efforts in our own community, proceeds are also going towards a scholarship fund for pharmacy students participating in two different global health outreach programs. These funds will help further ongoing education and community service efforts in Ghana and Thailand.




We have included some of the photos from our Armenian outreach program the past two summers.

Please help us continue our work by donating, volunteering or registering to run.



Crystal Rasmussen